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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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as >> believes he was wrong with killed. >>da: five months of sleepless nights at this and other seeks justice for some. tax-free for investigators say he pointed a gun at officers during a police chase. on his family does not believe that the how 5 1/2
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5 1/2 >> holidays and everything else that we share as my family is shattered >> no one from of leased from with available to speak on camera. the family and their supporters demand answers at tuesday's city council meeting. their plan to march from the d. a.'s office city hall. >>vicki: federal investigators are being called in and of vallejo mayor's office career
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>> the vallejo police they because this fire involves a public official they have called on the fbi and atf. chainsaws and axes for his to cut holes in the route. when they arrived at 1:03 a.m. flames and thick black smoke and shooting out of the building. oft 18 firefighters and five engines that the truck -- but the firearms control of 15 minutes. a fire investigator was called in to examine the area.
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the five departments as the fire is suspicious because when it started no one was in the building but investigators will not save it and excel row was found. vallejo police are now conducting a criminal investigation into this possibly being a case of arson. >> the mayor was also reportedly the victim of another crime in may, he had his motorcycle stolen from city hall. >> salvage crews saved anything they could from the mayor's damaged office. >> chart remains, that is what
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the inside of the office will flight. vallejo near soda to the scene in disbelief. >> an emergency response, we see all kinds of things from
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accidents to the intentional. he never know we will run into. >> the salvaged items will go into stores for cleaning or future use. grand valley are looking at possibly the warmest day of the year with temperatures near 100 degrees, '90s to run the bay. we actually have a heat watch in effect for sunday and monday for the north bay, south they can get the state. will possibly see triple digits inland. here is a look at the sampling of high temperatures for tomorrow.
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here is a look in your respective highs for tomorrow. more on the weather coming up. to make >> the president, mitt romney and their running mates are preparing for their first debate. how they are preparing and the head, but that the economy is leading to a bare cupboard at local food bill. allergy seasons began. we have a look at the possible culprits. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age.
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>> while the president to candidates are preparing for next week's first debate, the vice presidential candidates are honing in on the battleground states. >> you are either part of the problem or part of the solution the president has become part of the problem and mitt romney is the solution. >> and joe biden talk about his opponent's position on the national debt and the middle-class. >> i love how they bleed over the national debt. there are so concerned about it. what is even more amazing, i watched them during the convention, they discovered the middle class. >> this fix addresses from the president handed gop looking for jobs and housing market.
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>>president obama: last week mortgage rates were at historic lows. >> the president and mitt romney are gearing up for the first presidential debates >> the first presidential debate is next week.
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[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> police in san leandro are looking for two man in the murder of another san leandro man.
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>> i a.m here to help up the committee.
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if for >> as local contributions become more and there is support that is equally significant. >> people can still make, volunteer or at the gate. it really helped the difference by doing one of those three from. >>vicki: a power outage caused more than 10,000 customers to go about our for about an hour that it has been sphery affair caused loss felt found a fleet if this of if >>brian: i hope that swirl is ok furious here is a shot for
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family head into jamal as monday default clear in the low yield of furious for tomorrow a lot of sunshine half a cat's teeth off fat the code for that will clear away quickly. for office the best beach days highs in the '70s for half moon bay that ocean beach and voted a great group
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each what -- a he what is the fact today and monday. we will perhaps see some change as we get clear to next weekend. rockwell
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>> faultless. i have solved the is the fastest, a horse of those fleeing itchy eyes fluffs fourth lived in the eighth half liftoff theaters that allergies are attributed to one mean corporate
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behrman and you're never had hour, it's still possible to develop allergies. fact >>vicki: interstate 45 has shut down in l.a.. crews are on schedule to reopen on monday if fasad fails
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louisa hodge / 1/5/1/5 to close bryan mark danon in george rask if you have if saturday up 56 at 3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. coming uh
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of >>vicki: the oakland a's beat the mayoress 7-4.
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>>brian: it is going to be very toasty tomorrow. >>vicki: that is it for us. good night everyone.
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suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. [cc] >> listen up, california! my guest today, real estate expert dean graziosi, says we are sitting on a goldmine. you've seen dean all over tv for over 13 years, he's a multiple new york times best-selling author and america's number one real estate trainer. now, he claims that our beaten-up, down real estate market, combined with his 22 years of investing experience, has created the perfect window of opportunity for you to cash in big time right in your own backyard, even if you have no money, bad credit or never even thought about real estate prior to right now. he's joining us today to sho